99 Waves to Die now available on OUYA

The OUYA version of 99 Waves to Die is now available in OUYA’s Discover Store.

Download it to your OUYA now, and relive your childhood arcade memories, and if you’re too young for such memories try it anyway, the 80’s weren’t that bad really πŸ™‚




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99 Waves to Die now on Google Play

We’ve just released 99 Waves to Die to the Google Play store, and it is available to purchase for your Android device.

Search Google Play for ’99 Waves to Die’ or click the button below to go to the store page.

Get it on Google Play


Things are happening!

Another quick update on 99 Waves to Die.

We know we promised you gameplay videos, and screenshots, last time but we’ve been doing some fundamental changes to gameplay after some feedback from our beta testers.

This work is well under way, and hopefully we should be on course to release some more information next week, including videos & screenshots.

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Apologies for the lack of updates

Just a quick update, to apologise for the lack of updates for a while. We’ve been putting all our efforts into getting a 99 Waves to Die playable version up and running so we can give you guys some screenshots & videos to look at.

Unfortunately this has involved hunting down a particularly pesky bug, but thankfully we’ve tracked the tricky little beggar down, so hopefully we should be posting up some in-game footage and screenshots later this week.

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SpookyFish Games are now on IndieDB

We have now joined IndieDB, if you are a member please check out our pages and help our popularity rise.

SpookyFish Games Page :

SpookyFish Games


99 Waves to Die Page :

99 Waves to Die



SpookyFish Games is LIVE.

Well we’re finally here, our website is now up & running.

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